Friday, February 12, 2010

My thoughts on the Anniversary of the Fire Bombing in Dresden

I have never been so sickened reading Woodfins finest war hawk description of the controversial bombing of Dresden in the AC-T this morning. Dresden was the Florence of Germany- an old cultural capitol, full of art treasures and architectural masterpieces that the bombing left untouched throughout the war. So the city was full of refuges and practically undefended when the British attacked on February 13, 1945. The Stated intent behind the attack was to stop German troop transport, this could have been accomplished if they destroyed the railway bridge over the Elbe. But in the end, the bridge remained intact. In fact, it was not even cited as a target.

The other stated purpose was to " show the Russians what the Bomber command can accomplish" They succeeded in this. The temperature rose to above 1800 degrees. In the cities largest Hospital 45 expectant mothers had been killed. The precise number killed is impossible to settle since so many bodies couldn't be identified or separated because they turned to semi-liquid then to dust. Out of this violence, both that which is dormant and has already been committed, the century dreams of genocide emerge. And we create a life that must always be limited to a few.

Jason Treadway

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tim Tebow a Panther?

The ideal of him wearing a Panthers uniform is gaining momentum. Don't be surprised to see Panthers drafting him with there 2nd round pick.

Tim Tebow probably the most decorated college football player in recent memory. 2 Heisman trophys and would have probably won a third if the Gators beat Alabama. 88 passing touchdowns and 57 touchdowns are incredible number for a QB in the SEC.

Tim Tebow the person is another story unfortunately. In July he said he was a virgin and was saving himself for marriage. In these intense and probing interviews with coaches, general managers and scouts I think out loud if this question comes up. Does it matter? I don't know but his strengths are his toughness, leadership, integrity and goodness. All qualities that are endearing, but would you follow a virgin into battle?

As for his game on the field former Falcons and Oilers coach Jerry Glanville talks about his mechanics. "

From my point of view what Tebow is the best at is diving between the tackle and guard for 4 yards. And hiding the ball from the defense for enough time to give his legion of protection space to block and catch.

Where he ends up and how he is used is the biggest story of this years draft. What a gift in the second round he would be for any team. Anyone who drafts him the first round are of unsound mind and need an intervention.

But what do you think? If he falls to the Panthers should they draft him?


Last night I had a dream of a big pile of shit. I was in London drinking with my mates out on the piss etc. I walked in the Bathroom to see hundres of turds piled high on a stinky toilet. The meaning of this dream I soon discovered was twofold.

1. I have a dirty mind and I am trying to face it. True true and true.

2. I am presenting ideals to the world that are hard to swallow and relate to.

The meaning of all this you ask. Well I think it accuractley describes this Blog. With that I hope you have a better understanding of me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top 10 PGA Golfers in 2010

Prediction Special!! World Golf Rankings only, no fed-ex or any other complicated formulas apply. If Tiger comes back at any point he woulde take the top spot, but I don't see him coming back this year. So here it goes and lets hope for another exciting year in Golf.

10. Anthony Kim look for him to rebound this year. A star in the making and he has the best belt buckles on tour. He closely edges out Angel Cabrera.

9. Camiio Villegas. My Favorite golfer. He had high expectations after the Buick Open in 2008 but struggled closing out tournaments. Outfitted by Jlindeberg he is a cut above the rest in the fashion department. And he is a work out freak, with arms of a UFC champ he can crush the golf ball. I hope he ends up with the top spot.

8. Kenny Perry. Old sausage head from Kentucky had a great 2009, with a chest breaking overtime loss at the Masters left the poor cuntry boy so close to greatness. Would rank him higher but he is turning 49 soon.

7. Sean O'hair. Sean looks about as average as they come but can play with the best. His cool demeanor will not endear him to the media. I saw him play and win at Quail Hollow last year and would never have guessed he would excel like he did.

6. Zach Johnson the grittiest player on tour. He knows how to grind it out. He wrecked his face last year and didn't miss a beat.

5. Rory Mcllroy. Young, from Northern Ireland ( not Ireland?!), great hair and finished 11 in 2009. All the ingredients for success to me.

4. Lucas Glover. I love the fact that young Lucas isn't a AdWhore like the rest of the players. He looks like a weekend warrior and he was one of the Tours hottest young players last year. Bring the beard back Lucas!!

3. Padraig Harrington. A ugly and boring man who claims to be the greatest thing since sex, claims the number 3 slot only because i dislike Garcia more.

2. Steve Stricker. Tigers only competition last year. Steve does it with his putting and consistency. I was shocked to see him on top of the leader board week after week. Don't be shocked this year Steve can play.

1. Phil Mickelson. Number 2 last year i know this isnt a strech but I have a feeling this is his year. Was on a roll last year before his wife's cancer forced him to take time off. A popular player because of his accessibility and candor, Phil is the second most talented player on tour and with his repertoire of tricks he could win it all.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Atlanta Braves .42 % season report

What a week for braves fans! It appears the braves brass has reached a critical mass of popular support with regard to competing for a pennant now. The announcement that Tom Glavine was cut from the team, a savage trade that brings in Nate Mclouth and his gold glove, cheap salary, 26 sb and 46 doubles. And finally Tommy Hansen has pitched his first game, a potential # 1 starter. So how does this put the Braves in a position to be playing some meaningful games in September?

Oh woe is the athlete who is past his prime and refuses to copilate . My thoughts when I heard the Braves signed Glavine to a one year incentive laden contract was that it was good insurance. With so many injuries to last years rotation he was well worth the money. And possibly mentor some of the young pitchers. The problem was he was not healthy and the rotation was a strength so far this year. And with Jo-Jo Reyes, Kris Medlen and Tommy Hanson all competing for the # 5 spot on the rotation there was no place for you. I doubt your wife wants to move Mr. Glavine just stay close to Atlanta and and give until it hurts. Atlanta needs you, its just business baby.

Lets analyze the Nate Mclouth trade now. I think the GM's thought " we could of have had this guy" From the pirate perspective it just gets worse and worse. They think now they can make intelligent moves? They think they can turn it around now? The pirates have been over 500 one time past June 10 in the last 10 years. And now the GM acts as if he is reading to much of the Pirates message board.Pirates GM letter to the fan .The Bucs certainly stops with you. You traded Xavier Nady, Jason Bay and Nate Mclouth ( a much better outfield than the braves) away and what do you have in return? Adam Laroches little brother, a big stupid looking outfielder in Brandon Moss. Kudos for Frank Wren for pulling the trigger early in the year. Once in a Braves generation we have a speed\power hybrid. All year long I have been bemoaning the lack of speed and pizzaz and with Nate Mclouth we now have it. He was tight with Adam Laroche, the former brave was very troubled to see him go, so bitter he openly chastised Pirate management for letting him go. Bobby Cox says he is the type of guy who doesn't say much unless you ask him a question. Then he will smile and you will get a good conversation. Does anyone think this sound familiar? The braves roster is full of theses painfully awkward maladroits , type B personalitys and artless players. i.e. Casey Kotchman, Garrett Anderson, Kelly Johnson. When instead I would like to see a little more passion from my players. More players who hate losing. i.e. Escobar, Chipper and Infante. I do wish him much success. And he has the best steal % in Basbeall over the last 2 years. But to compete in the playoffs and for a title you need two stars at the top of your pitching staff and a dominating closer , Unless you are the 88 Twins and there 4.67 Minnesota Twins.( but even they had Viola and Blyleven). With a semi proven solid to good CF is great but the Braves need star pitching. The Atlanta Braves think Tommy Hansen can answer the call to be that #1 or # 2.

A lavender sky was overhead when Tommy Hansen cut down the first 10 hitters he faced. The second time around the hitters timed his fastball and Ryan " the Hebrew Hammer" Braunhn the 2007 ROY crushed 2 home runs. In his second start he showed strength through adversity giving up 9 hits and 5 walks and ONLY 2 runs in his first major league win. With the overtly symbolic gesture of dropping Braves icon Tom Glavine and starting and pitching 100+ pitches for Tommy Hansen, he has a lot of pressure. Does anyone think he can handle it? With his A-ball roomie Kris Medlen pitching succesfully for the Braves he has a trusted friend to talk to and with a torrent of confidence, the futures is so bright I have to wear shades. For those who care....Thomas J. Hanson was a draft-and-follow pick in the 22nd round by the Atlanta Braves in the 2005 amateur draft out of Riverside Community College. Hanson is a 6'6", 210-pound right-handed pitcher with a mid-90's fastball, curve ball and an improving change up. Hanson spent his first year of pro ball in Danville in 2006, where he compiled a 4-1 record with a 2.09 ERA. Even more impressive, in his 51 2/3 innings at Danville, he had 56 K, nine BB, and a 0.99 WHIP. And after 4 starts in the mlb he is 3-0 3.13 e.r.a. 16 walks and 15 s.o. He is giving up a lot of base runners but he is getting the outs that count. His best start was facing the Yankees when he held them to 5.2 scoreless innings. And the best stat of them all is his 13.2 consecutive scoreless streak. Watch out Orel!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quail Hollow coverage

What a intimidating task to share my Quail hollow experience. Everyone just called it the Tournament. And they all wanted to see Tiger. ( more on him later) but 9 straight pars on the back nine killed his chance to catch the fair haired 26 year old Sean O'Hara. Never have I felt so out of place yet no one bothered to go out of there way to make me feel unwanted or uncomfortable. Let me take you to the beginning now.

Quail Hollow Tournament is a major golf tournament located in Charlotte NC. It was won last year by Anthony Kim a exciting young golfer who wears the best belt buckles on the tour. The Tournament started on Friday and we got our tickets for Sunday the final day of the tournament. We bought our tickets on craigslist from a young woman in Charlotte who i guessed to be 8 from her phone voice but turned out to be a 5.5. She brought muscle with her in case i tried to snatch her tickets and run into the woods. We arrived at the tournament via a bus with ESPN around 10 a.m. I brought 2 Thespian happy and sad mask to wear and told as i was entering the bus that i probably wasn't able to wear it. He asked me why i was wearing and I said it was just a accessorie. And that was the last time anyone asked me about the masks unless it was a compliment or general curiosity. My partner in crime was Benjamin Combs. We both hoped and anticipated major agitation from the golf community because of theses masks, so we devised several plans to shield us. i.e. " I am going to take fashion advise from you?" or " Now look what you've done!" ( this is said after a crying fit from Benjamin once they took the masks from us) But everyone loved the masks , i would were the happy during a great shot and a sad mask during a bad shot. Very happy i brought them next tournament i will push the boundaries a little more.

The first thing i wanted to watch was watch my favorite golfer Camilo Villegas play. I was wearing pants from a clothing line called j. Lindeberg and i wanted to see what he was wearing, he fell out of the tournament the day before shooting 3 under 6 shots of the leader. We weaved through the crowd and finally spotted him looking stellar in a white shirt , white pants, red hat and red belt. We followed him around for 4 or 5 holes. We then watched Phil Mickleson for a couple holes. He was a cartoonshly tan and the most engaging golfer on the tour. And a huge pleasure to see. We watched the leader Zach Johnson hit a tree and instantly melt under the pressure and fall hard on his face, he never recovered. At 130 Tiger Woods was Teeing off and around 1 o'clock spectators and media were scrambling around to get a good spot to see Tiger. We found a spot about 3oo yards form Tiger were a dorky couple were waiting all day at this same spot hoping Tiger would land a ball next to them. But Tiger hit on the opposite side of the fairway. Heartbroken they daydreamed aloud how wonderful it would have been. We followed Tiger around for 4 or 5 holes.

Tiger is a cult figure. He is a very aggressive player. Super Intense. He brings African Americans, Asians and young people to the tournaments in droves. He is tall and thick. A bad dresser. A Pissy rock star. I always rooted against Tiger. Not anymore. The excitement he brings is unparalleled. If he had won the tournament the place would have went berserk. And I love his golf game. He hit a ball 348 yards on the green and if he would hit his put he would have tied the leader on the 10th hole. But he 3 putted. The drive he hit though was the most aggressive shot of the day. And on the back he 9 he was so pissed he scared everyone off and the huge crowd following begun to gravitate towards the leaders.

Sean O'Hara turned pro when he was 16. His Dad made him quit high school and would make him run a mile for every bogey. He severed his relationship from his dad and his grandfather bought him and his wife a RV and with 2,000 $ in his account he hit the road playing golf tournaments. This was his 3rd major and he becomes the youngest player on tour to win 3 majors. He is a handsome kid with a aw shucks but cool disposition. I was happy for him but really wanted Tiger to win. There was a chance for a playoff on the last hole but Grover missed a chip shot.

The course was stunning. I felt like i was on a different net planet like mars or Venus. Or a Moon traveling around a grassy planet. Any where the players hit the ball you could see it. Even if you were 600 yards away. The 18 th hole looked like a ancient roman style gladiator match. The crowd frenzied and hovering over a perfect patch of grass.

The crowd was typical Charlotte mouth breathers. Drinking 6$ Bud lites. And shirts that flatly state " I have gas and it cost to much" A scattering of interesting cats. No fuck-nuts, no long hairs or dread locks, no tattoos, no mow hawks, no clowns. Which was no surprise but it had a festive carnival atmosphere with no carnie freaks.

I recommend a visit to your local golf course. Its the greatest game ever played. And my experience at Quail Hollow was unforgettable.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Internationsl Association Of Blue Swedish Duck Fighting.

Very Funny. A real Moonbat. She had no promblems with me wanting to feed her ducklings narcotics and gunpowder and fighting them to the death. Crazy lady is remarkebly Funny. Moving to Itunes real soon. We talk about white and black magic too.

Blue swedish duck fighting.mp3

International Association Of Blue Swedish Fighting Ducks

Very funny, I just had to post it. Its going to be a a aspect of the sports podcast a break in the action. Moving to Itunes real soon. This Lady is sick.

blue swedish ducklings.mp3

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Podcast # 5 Bob Berghaus Asheville Citzen Times Sports Editor!!!!

Bob Berghaus talking football. We are pleased to announce Bob Berghaus, a valued member of Asheville Citzen Times sport team on the Free Radical Show!!!!

001_A_035_jason Treadway_2008_06_25 (1) (1).mp3